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Bulldog Brews (3 - 4.7 Kg Kits)

Made using the best liquid malt extracts from producers around the world, varietal brewers yeast strains and finishing hop pellets.
No extra ingredients needed.

Bulldog Brews from Sylken Home Brew

Bad Cat
Imperial Red ale 4.7 Kg. Created around a powerful dose of American hops and a fine selection of malts, this is a true craft beer, full of potent bitterness and bursting with aromas of fruit and pine.
Colour 30 - 35 EBC. ABV 7.5%. Makes 40 pints.
Finishing hops Amarillo and Willamette

Price £ 33.50

Bulldog Brews from Sylken Home Brew

Easter Brew Chocolate Stout
A very solid stout with heavy malty flavours and with a perfect dash of chocolate. 4.2 Kg.
Colour 120 - 130 EBC. ABV 6%.
Finishing Hops Sovereign.
Makes 40 pints.

Price £ 32.50

Bulldog Brews from Sylken Home Brew

Evil Dog
Double IPA 4.7 Kg. Simcoe and Summit hops produce a true craft beer with potent bitterness, bursting with aromas of pine and grapefruit.
Colour 12 - 17 EBC. ABV 7.1%. Makes 40 pints
Finishing hops Simcoe and Summit

Price £ 33.50

Bulldog Brews from Sylken Home Brew

Raja's Reward

India Pale Ale 3.4Kg. Golden straw colour, notes of citrus and a hint of tropical fruit. Good body, very crisp with distinct hoppiness.

Colour 15 - 20 EBC. 40 - 45 EBU. Finihing hops Goldings, Fuggles.

ABV 4.8%. Makes 40 pints.

Price £ 32.00