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Sylken Homebrew - a wide choice beer kits in stock

Sylken Home Brew Beer

Budget Beer Kits

Budget kits (1.5Kg) are made using lower grades of malt extract and sometimes barley extract. These kits usually require the addition of sugar or can be enhanced by replacing some or all of the sugar with malt extract in liquid or powder form. Budget kits are ideal for experimentation with additives or as a base to create your own beer style.

Sylken Home Brew Beer

Midrange Beer Kits

Midrange kits (1.7Kg - 2.1Kg) are made using a higher quality malt extract than the Budget kits. Sugar is needed to achieve the desired O.G. or a combination of sugar and/or malt extract which will produce a fuller bodied, maltier flavoured, beer.

Sylken Home Brew Beer

Premium Beer Kits

Premium kits (3Kg +) only require the addition of water and are made using the finest quality ingredients, resulting in a fuller flavoured and bodied beer.