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We sell most things related to homebrewing, winemaking, cider production and high alcohol equipment and flavouring essences. Visit our Bells Road shop for a real treat.

Vigo cider presses in stock now.

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Sylken Beer Kits

Sylken Beer Kits

Choose from Breydon Bridge bitter, Haven Bridge lager and Humber Bridge Yorkshire bitter.
Each kit contains 1.5 Kg of unhopped liquid malt and sachets of hop extract and brewing yeast.
Add 1kg brewing sugar (dextrose) for a light bodied beer, or a mix of dried malt and dextrose or unhopped liquid malt for a full flavoured brew. Makes 40 pints.

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Special Offer: Premium package Beer kit + 1Kg Beer Booster + Free 20gm hop teabag only £18.75

Special Offer

Mangrove Jack's Dual Temperature Controller
Heating and cooling regulator to ferment at controlled temperatures. Can be used with your fridge and heat pad or heat belt, just plug it in!
Temperature control range minus 50 to 99°C with an accuracy of + or -1°C
rrp £34.99 offer price £28.00

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