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Norfolk. NR31 6AN

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Accepted Payment Methods

Opening hours: Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday 10:00 - 4:00.
Closed Sunday, Monday and Wednesday.

Online orders may be for delivery or collection.
You may place orders and if we can fulfill them we will send a payment request via PayPal.
This ensures secure payments and we will not take payments if we are unable to deliver.

Local deliveries (Gorleston, Beccles, Lowestoft and Gt. Yarmouth) are free for orders above £25.
Free delivery for orders over £50 within a 30 mile radius of Gorleston.

Sylken Homebrew - serving you since 1979.

Sylken Homebrew Gorleston

Sylken Homebrew, the only specialist brew shop in Norfolk.
Great prices with polite service.

Shop online. Orders placed online will be prepared for delivery or collection (payment instore if required) before we send a payment request or call us on 01493661471 to order - we are here to help.

Delivery charges where applicable will be added up to a maximum of £6.00 (max 25Kg)

Our online prices are the same as our shop prices.

We do NOT increase prices and claim to offer 'free delivery'.

Try our beer kits, containing unhopped concentrated brewers wort (hop extract included seperately) or use as a simple part mash kit with hops of your choice.

New improved wine kits

New wine kits

Some old favourites are changing. New production processes mean the grape juices are now even more concentrated so smaller volumes in striking new packaging are what you will see.
Beaverdale 30 bottle wine kits now contain 6 litres of juice and as ever the yeast and other ingredients are included.
Some familiar brands will be renamed and repackaged but the quality remains the same.

Hints and Tips
Brewing and Winemaking

For reliable fermentation of wines, beers and ciders ALWAYS use a thermometer to check the temperature of the wort or must before adding the yeast and to monitor temperature during the process. Do not assume that because it is in "a nice warm room" that the liquid temperature is the same.
A stick on thermometer strip on your fermenter will give a good indication.
Too cold will lead to slower and longer or incomplete fermentation.