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Sylken Home Brew Beer

Which kit to choose?

A wide and varied range of wine kits are available to the Home Winemaker.

Budget wine kits will require the addition of sugar, but can make pleasantly acceptable wines for less than 50p a bottle.

For speed, five or seven day wine kits will give you suprisingly good results cheaply, quickly and with little effort.

The higher quality wine kits are capable of producing superb varietal wines in as little as 28 days, commercial quality wines at a fraction of shop prices.

Sylken Home Brew Beer

What's in a wine kit?

Most wine kits have a container of concentrate, yeast, stabiliser and finings (clearing agent).

The higher quality kits may also have oak chips and other ingredients.

All kits have simple, easy to follow instructions included.

Sylken Home Brew Beer

What else will I need?

Popular wine kits make 4.5 litres(6 bottles) or 23 litres (30 bottles) so a fermenting vessel of a suitable size is required.

Other essentials are a good quality homebrew cleaner / steriliser, an airlock, a syphon tube and of course some wine bottles to store and serve your wine.

Optional equipment includes a hydrometer, thermometer, a heat pad or belt and a second fermenting vessel of the same size when racking the wine.